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Rowan Teller- Aléka Zamora

Rowan Teller is a reluctant video blogger, secret keeper, and general truth seeker. She just wanted to be a regular student, okay? Is that really too much to ask?

Aléka Zamora is an aspiring actor and singer from Vancouver Island. She was in her high school's productions of Les Miserables and All Shook Up, the latter of which she starred in. She went to Vancouver Island University for a year and will be attending Capilano University in Fall 2018 for the Motion Picture Arts program. Aleka has known Katrina for years and fell in love with the script and her character when the concept was introduced to her.

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Faith Stevenson- Darhyl Fowle

Darhyl Balemans is an actor and singer. She has been in many musicals throughout high school, including Les Miserables, and Phantom of the Opera, and recently has been more involved with plays. She is currently in the Theatre diploma program at Vancouver Island University. She has loved this project from the first time she heard about it, as the Irish Fae are very interesting and folklore fascinates her. She also enjoys being the conspiracy theorist, it makes life more fun anyways.

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Cecilia Teller- Lindsay Tozer

Cecilia Teller isn't the most "ordinary" of people, in more ways than one. Her outward appearance hides an outgoing personality.

Lindsay is currently attending the Theatre program at Vancouver Island University. She has previously acted in high school productions of “Once Upon A Mattress” (2016) and “We Will Rock You” (2017) the latter of which she also directed. Since attending university she has acted in VIU’s production of “Our Country’s Good” (2017) and has been an assistant stage manager for both VIU’s “Into The Woods” (2018) and Schmooze’s production of “Chicago” (2018).



Connor- Connor Runnings

Connor is Cecilia's new boyfriend. Rowan isn't too sure about him, but he seems to have Cecilia's best interests at heart.


Connor Runnings is an actor, comedian, and writer. He has previously acted in Vancouver Island University’s productions of Departures and Arrivals in 2016, and The Picture of Dorian Gray and Our Country's Good in 2017. He also wrote a one-act comedy called The Mountain of Issues in 2017, which debuted in 2018 at the Satyr Players’ One Act Festival. Connor had an amazing time working on this project and is proud to be a part of it.

Connor Runnings's character was not named after him. That is an amusing coincidence.



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Sophie Simmons- Sarafina Strain

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Sophie is Faith's best friend and confident. She doesn't always believe in everything Faith tells her, but she knows the world can be weirder than we expect.


Sarafina Strain is an actress, writer and musician. She has been in five musicals, including Beauty and the Beast and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and has also done backstage work. Currently, she is in the process of writing a play. Sara has very much enjoyed working on Relatively Normal and is looking forward to its launch.




Riley the newscaster- Sam Wharram

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Riley is the voice of the University's news broadcasts. There may be more to them than meets the eye. 


Sam is an actor, editor, and all around cool guy. Their past projects include the collaborative youtube channel "Ghoul Comedy", where they have written, acted in, and edited every sketch, and their own channel, where they record covers of songs. They are excited to see where life takes them next and excited for you to enjoy Relatively Normal.




Manon Aubin/Costume & Makeup- April Lambert

Manon is Cecilia's roommate. They don't really understand each other, but Manon can be counted on to keep cool in a crisis.


April Lambert is remarkably talented in so many ways. In addition to being a great actress, she is our costumer, makeup artist, most of the time our sound engineer, composer of our theme and occasional script supervisor.




???- Wren Beckley

Wren graduated from Vancouver Island University in spring 2018, where she received a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies. She participated in numerous theatre productions and music competitions from age 6-18 and went on to graduate high school from Victoria School of the Performing and Visual Arts in Edmonton - where she studied advanced acting and choral music. She has performed in productions such as CATS the Musical, The Little Dog Laughed, Rocky Horror Show, The Little Mermaid, and Chicago. Wren is also an active member of the Nanaimo music scene and regularly gigs with several Nanaimo bands. She is the vocal director at Kismet Theatre Academy and teaches private music lessons there, as well as at Arbutus Music.



Director and screenwriterKatrina Basnett

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Katrina Basnett is incredibly lucky to have wonderful friends. No, seriously. 

She also feels really weird writing in third person. 

She was a student in Creative Writing and Theatre at Vancouver Island University, and is currently a student in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at the University of British Columbia. She has acted in a number of productions, her favourites being Alterations by Samuel French and the musical Beauty and the Beast. She also worked as Sound Engineer for the musical All Shook Up, and as Production Assistant for Crimson Coast Dance's InFrinGinG Festival. Her short story "Fog off Mariner's Rock" was published by Slink Chunk Press and can be found here.




Graphic designer- Neria Wildman

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A First Nations Graphic design student at VIU, published illustrator, and freelance photographer.
Neria's Portfolio is linked 



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