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Beyond the Veil is an urban fantasy fiction podcast, produced by Meadowlark Presents. We update every other Wednesday on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher.

Two not-friends, an RV, and a magical Canadian road trip

Tennyson and Alder had known each other about six months when Alder's mysterious fae bosses asked them to set out across the country in an old RV, solving people's magical problems. Too bad neither of them asked the important questions. Too bad their secrets might be hazardous to their health.

Update Schedule: First Episode Launching Oct. 14th, 2020

Episodes posting every other Saturday

The 1st season of Beyond the Veil is 11 episodes

Transcripts are available upon release of each episode here 

Content Warnings: Beyond the Veil is PG-13 and contains suspenseful elements, descriptions of violence, extortion and manipulation.

Beyond the Veil is a show that includes queer characters. Just so we're clear up front: none of them die. This is not that show.

Accessibility note: Some episodes contain loud or sudden noises. Individual instances will be noted in episode descriptions.

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Tennyson, Writer, Producer

Katrina writes and produces Beyond the Veil in addition to voicing the character of Tennyson. She is a Creative Writing student at the University of British Columbia, and formerly a theatre student at Vancouver Island University. She is also a prose writer and is working on a young adult novel.

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Darhyl Fowle is an actor and singer. She has been in many musicals throughout high school, but recently has been more involved with plays. She is a recent graduate from the Theatre diploma program at Vancouver Island University. She has loved this project from the first time she heard about it, as the Irish Fae are very interesting and folklore fascinates her.

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Lindsay is an actor, writer and director who is a graduate of Vancouver Island University’s Theatre Program. During her time at VIU here she acted in several mainstage shows including “Concord Floral” and “Our Country’s Good”. Although she considers theatre to be her passion she has tried out some screen acting in the web series “Relatively Normal”, and the Capilano University short film “Nuclear Sword”. Lindsay has also written and directed her own show “Not So Absent Minded” which preformed at the Malaspina Theatre in 2019.



Justine started acting 12 years ago in junior high school. Two years ago, she moved to Nanaimo from Alberta to study theatre at Vancouver Island University. She graduated from the program this year with a love for acting and stage managing.



Clio Roe-Leduc has acted in amateur theater productions in Nanaimo for many years. This marks her first foray into voice acting recorded for entertainment purposes, and not performed solely for the enjoyment of her dispassionate cat.


Graphic Design

Special thanks to Beyond the Veil's first fan and consultant, Chris Langille

Tie-In Projects

The credits of each episode of Beyond the Veil contain clues that lead to internet scavenger hunts. The reward for each scavenger hunt is a blog post by the characters who write the episode intros. You can find more info about that on their website here: ​

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